Process Burner Test Facility

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion maintains two process burner test facilities – one in Tulsa, Oklahoma and another in Luxembourg, Europe. The Tulsa facility comprises a dozen furnaces, while three additional furnaces are located in Luxembourg. Each furnace and facility is replete with equipment for air preheat, heat flux measurement, CO, O2 and NOx emissions measurement, noise, and various pressure and temperature measuring equipment required to form an accurate picture of the combustion performance of a particular burner.

The European test facility includes one large and two small demonstration furnaces, which test burners in a vertical or horizontal firing direction. The large furnace is equipped with a water jacket to allow tests up to 17 MMBtu/hr (5 MW). The facility also tests radiant-wall fired burners in the two smaller furnaces. Equipped with water cooling tubes, the small furnaces are used to simulate ethylene cracking applications. The Luxembourg facility can fire any mixture of gaseous fuels, such as propane, natural gas and hydrogen, and has the capability to fire No. 2 or No. 6 oil.

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