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St. Rose NOxSTAR Vapor Combustion System
Increasingly stringent NOx emissions regulations can put a strain on your operation. The new NOxSTAR Vapor Combustion System, however, combines our proven burner technology with emissions control of less than 0.02 lbs NOx/MMBtu so you don’t have to sacrifice reliability to get the performance you need. (more info…)
Evaporative cooler_rtmd_cc VRU Process Optimization
During the transitional switches in seasonal fuel blends, many terminal loading operations find their vapor recovery units lagging, creating a bottleneck in the loading process and holding up productivity. That’s why John Zink Hamworthy Combustion has developed low-cost upgrades for your existing units that can optimize performance— regardless of the age of your unit. (more info…)
Lenhart Oct 2010 010 Crude Oil Vapor Recovery
Over 5 million cubic meters. More than 30 million barrels. Estimates say that’s how much crude oil is lost each year through vapor generated from loading and storage operations. That’s not just product, it’s money and pollutants. But we’ve developed a system that can cost-effectively recover vapor from crude and other light semi-refined products. Reducing emissions. Eliminating NOx. And recapturing cash. (more info…)
Vapor Recovery Units
Carbon absorption vapor recovery units (VRUs) safely prevent harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from being released into the atmosphere during operations that involve the transfer of evaporative hydrocarbons. (more info…)
Vapor Combustion Units
vapor combustion units (VCUs) to handle your process requirements whether they are marine applications, storage tank vents, truck or rail car terminals, barge degassing facilities, or any other process exhaust vents. (more info…)
VaporWatch™ Remote Monitoring System
The system monitors real-time data, then stores the data on a hard disk in a computer for long-term storage.  (more info…)


To learn more about John Zink Hamworthy Combustion’s vapor recovery solutions or to discuss a solution for your facility, contact the vapor control group.