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TrīLo Technology: A New Generation of Tail Gas Thermal Oxidizers

Reduce Fuel Costs By Up To 40%.

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion pioneered TrīLo Technology to create a new generation of tail gas thermal oxidizers that provide better performance and more efficient operation. Compared to conventional thermal oxidizer (TO) performance, a John Zink Hamworthy Combustion TO engineered with TrīLo Technology delivers three important advantages:

  1. Lower Fuel and Power Consumption: Operates efficiently, reducing fuel costs up to 40% without preheating the tail gas or combustion air.
  2. Lower Operating Temperature: Meets emissions standards at the lowest known operating temperature in the market.
  3. Lower NOx, CO and CO2 Emissions: Guaranteed lowest NOx and CO emissions in the industry. Reduces carbon footprint by emitting less CO2.


KEU Combustor

The KEU Combustor is a leading combustion system with a burner and reaction chamber designed as a single, compact unit. Waste air resp. waste gases are mixed intensively with the fuel and incinerated in a high-turbulence vortex flow. A central clean gas return ensures a high flame stability. (more info…)


KEU HiTurb

The KEU HiTurb is a proprietary complex burner that allows the treatment of liquid and/or gaseous residues without problems due to the high density of energy of the combustion chamber. (more info…)


KEU Thermoreactor-Oxidizers

KEU Thermoreactor-oxidizers are suitable for all hydrocarbon compounds and when compliance with very stringent clean air standards (TA-Luft) is required (such as very low CO2 and NOx emissions). Provided with special-design quality dampers, thermoreactors guarantee the highest availability and the best performance. (more info …)