High-Pressure Flares

High performance, low radiation,
long tip life

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion high-pressure flare systems offer unlimited turndown with low energy consumption pilots, making these products the established industry choice for more than 25 years. The JZ® LRGO™ (patented), HYDRA™ and Poseidon® flares and the Kaldair® Mardair™ and Kaldair Multpoint Indair® (KMI™) flares provide cost-effective, environmentally superior solutions to a wide range of high-pressure flare applications on and offshore.

Principal Applications

  • Oil and gas production
  • Gas compression
  • Chemical processing
  • Pipeline transportation
  • JZ HYDRA Flare Tip – John Zink Hamworthy Combustion’s patented high-pressure flare technology features aerodynamic nozzles to create a sonic gas flow that increases air aspiration while decreasing radiation from the flame. The result is clean, efficient, smokeless combustion.
  • JZ Poseidon – Water-injected flare tip significantly reduces radiation and noise while delivering longer tip life and decreased operational and facility costs.
  • JZ LRGO System – John Zink Hamworthy Combustion’s patented LRGO multi-point flare system uses the energy in flared gas to achieve clean, economical combustion in high-pressure applications without steam or gas assist.
  • Kaldair Indair Flare – Proven Coanda technology provides smokeless, low radiation flaring of high-pressure gases for single-point flares.
  • Kaldair Mardair Flare – Provides ultra-low radiation flaring of high-pressure gases with reduced noise and a short flame length.
  • Kaldair KMI Flare – Uses multiple, small-diameter variable slot tulip-shaped flares to provide rugged design for low-radiation, 100% smokeless flaring.