Featured Products

HYDRA™ Flare TipDownload (782k)
John Zink Hamworthy Combustion’s high-pressure flare technology features aerodynamic nozzles to create a sonic gas flow that increases air aspiration while decreasing radiation from the flame. The result is clean, efficient, smokeless combustion.


Poseidon® FlareDownload (1,500k)
Water-injected flare tip significantly reduces radiation and noise while delivering longer tip life and decreased operational and facility costs.


Kaldair® KEGF™ Flare System
Delivers smokeless flaring and concealed flames without steam or air assist. Achieves high turndown, minimizing staging requirements. (more info…)



ZTOF® FlareDownload (700k)
Specialized flare system that achieves completely invisible combustion, smokeless operation, zero radiation and the lowest possible noise levels using air, steam or gas assist, or unassisted burners.


XP-FLARE-TIP-BRO_1-(3)Steamizer® Flare Download (1,900k)
A true workhorse. Delivers predictable, guaranteed performance, smokeless combustion and lower operating costs by optimizing steam/air/hydrocarbon gas mixing.



Kaldair® Multipoint Indair® Flare (KMI™ Flare)
Uses multiple, small-diameter variable slot tulip-shaped flares to provide a rugged design for low-radiation, 100% smokeless flaring. (more info…)


To find the flare solution that’s right for you contact John Zink Hamworthy Combustion’s flare group.