coolstar_aria_burner (1)COOLstar® Burner

The COOLstar burner applies John Zink’s proprietary flue-gas entrainment and mixing strategy using the energy of incoming fuel and air streams. This results in stable, compact flames and NOx emissions as low as 15 ppmvd.  Fitted with the ARIA™ register, the COOLstar provides a compact radial inlet replacing conventional side-entry to minimize interference with furnace structures.  Optimized air distribution improves flame shape and combustion emission performance.

ST-2 Pilot

Years of experience and customer input helped us develop the most state-of-the-art pilot design in the industry. Features High Energy Igniter (HEI) and sealed flame rod assembly, reliable light off after exposure to moisture during furnace steam outs and humidity, dependable flame monitoring after exposure to moisture, robust ignition, flame detection, and stable operation over a wider range of operating conditions, pressures and fuels

The ST-2 Pilot is compatible with 2” x 4” pilot opening for easy retrofits and minimizes footprint on burner front plate.  See the video of the ST-2 Pilot in action.

ST-2 Pilot
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DEEPstar Burner

The DEEPstar burner uses clean-burning combination oil-and-gas fuel technology. The DEEPstar BURNER, a patented, revolutionary burner was designed to reduce steam consumption, reduce NOx emissions, reduce particulate emissions, and create compact flame patterns.  Designed for a full range of industrial process furnace applications, the DEEPstar can operate under nature, forced or induced draft without sacrificing burner performance.

Deepstar® Burner
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