Featured Products

VaporWatchâ„¢ Remote Monitoring System
The system monitors real-time data, then stores the data on a hard disk in a computer for long-term storage.  (more info…)


BTU Monitoring and Control
Many combustion systems have requirements in state or federal regulations indicating a minimum number of BTUs per standard cubic foot of waste gas. Adding BTU monitoring and control to your combustion system makes sure that you know before your regulatory representative asks. (more info…)


Continuous Monitoring Systems
John Zink Hamworthy Combustion Service can retrofit your vapor recovery or vapor combustion systems for continuous monitoring. Our continuous monitoring systems include Continuous Parameter Monitoring Systems (CPMS) for both VRUs and VCUs and Continuous Emissions Monitors (CEM) for VRUs. Continuous Monitoring Systems can help you stay in regulatory compliance, streamline reporting and provide early indication of abnormal operation.


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