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pilotTruFire High Energy Pilot Download (643 kb)
Designed to provide safe and reliable performance for thermal oxidizer and burner operation.  TruFire electric ignition pilots have been proven in more than 100 installations, including rigorous testing at the John Zink Hamworthy Combustion Development and Test Center.


burner1TruFire UltraFlex Pilot and Burner Download (896 kb)
Provides reliable performance as both pilot ignition and a high-heat release option for overall system flexibility.  Due to its flexible heat release option, the TruFire UltraFlex can be used in a wide range of applications.


TO Multi-tip Burner
Designed to reduce NOx emissions and fuel consumption more effectively than older conventional burners. Capable of either vertical or horizontal firing, the multi-tip burner provides for any flame pattern. It handles hydrogen or heavy hydrocarbon fuels with no adjustment needed.


Torch Oil Gun Download (124K)
A specialized burner used to preheat the catalyst during start-up and control catalyst regenerator temperatures in Fluid Catalyst Cracking Units. The torch oil gun is provided as a complete, customized package including strainers, valves, a stuffing box and quench gun if required.


Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
Able to achieve 5 ppm NOx levels or less. John Zink Hamworthy Combustion is a sole-source supplier of complete SCR NOx reduction packages.  We use our engineering, drafting and modeling resources to design customized solutions to meet specific customer needs.


Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR)
Incineration and SNCR catalyst packages for tail-gas thermal oxidizer systems or spent caustic systems. Able to achieve NOx decomposition of up to 97%, and insensitive against Halide and catalyst poisons.


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