Featured Products

Slide-N-Lock™ Primary Air Door
The Slide-N-Lock™ primary air door is designed so you burn less gas at a higher flame temperature. With an easily adjustable air door and quick orifice disconnect our Slide-N-Lock air door enables you to increase capacity safely while saving you time and money.

HERO® High-Efficiency Residual Oil Gun 
The HERO oil gun uses a patented phased-atomization technology to deliver an ultra-fine fuel oil spray to the burner system. HERO revolutionizes residual oil combustion, providing dramatically lower emissions while consuming less energy to optimize the liquid fuel.

TESTO 330-2 Flue Gas Analyzer
The lightweight Testo 330-2 is designed for quick, easy electronic measurement of physical and chemical values. The testo is ideal for daily boiler and burner tuning, industrial furnace applications, and more.

The Thermulite burner tile is a lightweight tile made with a durable refractory fireface that withstands most severe furnace operating conditions. Its one piece design is suitable for any furnace wall thickness.

MAC Torch™ Pilot Lighter
The self-sparking, self-contained, propane torch lights pilots and burners safely and easily – the first time!

Pilots & Ignitors
Our pilots and ignitors are designed to provide optimum performance and safety.


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