Thermal Oxidation


  • Thermal Oxidizer Solutions For the BioFuel Industry
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  • Acid Gas/Inert Gas Oxidizer
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  • Sulfur Recovery Systems
    TO-13171 TO Sulfur One sheet_LR_web_Page_1 Download (987 kb)
  • Sulfur Recovery Combustion Solutions
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  • TriLo Technology: A New Generation of Tail Gas Thermal Oxidizers
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Parts & Service – Thermal Oxidation

  • Thermal Oxidizer Aftermarket Solution
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  • TruFire High Energy Pilot
    TO-15165--TruFire-Electric-Ignition-Pilot-FINAL_LR_WEB-1 Download (643 kb)
  • TruFire UltraFlex Pilot and Burner
    TO-15163--TruFire-UltraFlex-FINAL_LR_WEB-1 Download (896 kb)
  • HI Burner
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Case Studies

  • Tail Gas Thermal Oxidizer

    Successful long-term performance to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize fuel gas consumption and operating expenses.

    Long Term Tail Gas Case_JZHC_Page_1 Download (1 MB)
  • Case Study 3088
    Alabama natural gas plant faced with lowering NOx with lowering the facilities total reduced sulfur emissions to obtain higher destruction removal efficiency.
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  • Putting Technology to the Test
    (Reprinted from Hydrocarbon Engineering – October 2010)
    Waste materials are produced by a variety of activities and need to be safely and environmentally responsibly handled.
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  • Customize Operator Training For Your Thermal Oxidizers
    (Reprinted from Hydrocarbon Engineering – November 2010)
    This case history shows the benefits of site-specific programs in new equipment installations.
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