Flare Systems


  • Quad O Regulated Emission Control
    VS-13204 Quad O_LR_Page_1Download (1.1mb)
  • Steamizer XP
    VS-13204 Quad O_LR_Page_1Download (987kb)
  • Customized Production Flares – Midstream & Upstream for Onshore Production
    FS-14164 Customized Production Flares_LR_Page_1Download (958kb)
  • Production Flare Systems – Upstream
    Download (941k)
  • Refining & Petrochemical Flare Systems – Downstream
    Download (19.5 mb)
  • Air Assisted Flaring Systems
    Download (2,516k)
  • Flare Control Systems
    Download (430k)
  • HYDRA™ High Performance Sonic Flare Tip
    Download (2,573k)
  • Multipoint Flaring Systems
  • Download (2,668k)
  • Poseidon® Flare System
    Download (1,511k)
  • Purge Conservation Systems
    Download (2,770k)
  • ZTOF® Zink Thermal Oxidizer Flare System
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Parts & Service – Flare Systems

  • Digital SoundProof Pilot Monitoring System
  • Liquid Seals and Knock-out Drums
    Download (2,634k)
  • PilotEye2000™ Remote Monitoring System
    Download (639k)
  • JZ® Pilots & Ignitors
    Download (854k)
  • WindPROOF™ Pilot
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    • Steam Flare Technology Case Study

      JZFS-13154 Steam Flare Technology Case Study_LRDownload (955 kb)


  • Minimize Facility Flaring
    Article published in Hydrocarbon Processing — June 2007
    Download (269k)
  • A Super Sonic Solution
    Published in The Oil & Gas Review — 2005, Issue 2
    Download (1,679k)
  • Accurately predict radiation from flare stacks
    Published in Hydrocarbon Processing — June 2006
    Download (248k)
  • Flare Pilot Safety
    Published in the AIChE publication, Process Safety, Vol 26, No 1, March 2007 Please follow this link to Wiley Interscience
    Download (116k)
  • Improve flaring operations
    Published in Hydrocarbon Processing — Jan 2002
    Download (583k)
  • Industrial-Scale Flare Testing
    Published in Chemical Engineering Process — May 2006.
    Download (383k)
  • New API Standard provides comprehensive information on flares
    Published in Hydrocarbon Processing — May 2004
    Download (524k)
  • The Last Line of Defence
    Published in Hydrocarbon Engineering — April 2006
    Download (354k)
  • Water Injected Flare Tips Reduce Radiated Heat, Noise.
    Published in Oil & Gas Journal — May 2002.
    Download (167k)