Thermal Oxidation

TODAY’S GAS AND LIQUID POLLUTION CONTROL APPLICATIONS require the world’s most advanced thermal oxidizer systems to destroy hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while meeting or exceeding tougher environmental regulations.

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion designs a broad range of ultra Thermal Oxidation Systems to effectively destroy a wide variety of hazardous industrial wastes with destruction efficiency up to 99.9999 percent while protecting the environment. With more than 2,500 installed units across the globe, we work closely with customers to develop clean-combustion systems that incorporate proven technology solutions.

Our TANGENT™ thermal oxidizer technology transforms hazardous air pollutants to CO2 and H2O while producing an industry-breakthrough of less than 1 ppm of NOx without compromising CO levels. Other superior environmental solutions include the KEU Combustor™, a leading combustion system with a burner and reaction chamber designed as a single, compact unit; the KEU HiTurb, a complex burner that allows the treatment of liquid and/or gaseous residues without problems due to the high density of energy of the combustion chamber; and proven KEU Thermoreactor-Oxidizers.

From our worldwide parts and service support to our year-round accredited training, John Zink Hamworthy Combustion provides the total plant solutions that keep your operation online without compromising the bottom line.

To learn more about our thermal oxidation systems or to discuss a solution for your facility, contact our thermal oxidation group.